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In our first month at Bodishift we’ve already received over 5,000 visitors and in the coming months have forecasted this to increase to over 15,000 visitors per month.  Our mission here is to empower and inspire our readers so that they too are able to create their dream body.  Whilst we have some fantastic writers on board already, if you’re an expert on any of the following subjects then we’d like to hear from you:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Development
  • Mind set / Personal Development

We would love to pay you to write for us.  You see, it’s all about giving our readers high quality information that they can use to accelerate themselves towards body transformation.  And we think it requires all of the categories above for our people to achieve that.

Some of our guest posts include:

So, if you think your writing skills will meet our high standards then please get in touch!


I’m sure you can understand that there is a certain level of quality that we need to uphold here on Bodishift.com and as a result, there’s just no chance we’re ever going to publish a bad article.  If you’ve got a great idea for a post, we want to hear about it.  Simply tell us your idea below and make sure you tell us how much you want to be paid.  Your idea will be reviewed and you’ll be given the go-ahead to either write the post or told politely that it’s not something that we’d be interested in at this time.

After your article has been drafted and ready to be published we will make payment instantly via PayPal.  All you need to do is provide us with your PayPal email address so we know where to send the money.

Getting Acknowledged

We publish all articles that you write under your name.   As a Bodishift writer you’ll have your own author box at the bottom of every post that you write which will contain information about you or your business with a link back to your website.  Your post will also be broadcasted to our email subscriber list as well as put out to thousands of people across popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

What We’re Interested In Publishing

Our most popular posts are about:

  • Workouts that help burn fat and tone.
  • The truth about certain food types and how they can be applied to weight loss.
  • How smaller men can stack on muscle.
  • How to lose weight.
  • Creating a positive mindset for long lasting change.
  • Interviews with weight loss/fitness/health experts.
  • Reviews of weight loss/fitness programmes.

Submit Your Post Idea

Please submit your post idea below. If we like your post and the price, we will email you complete instructions to begin writing for us.

We pay well for good quality articles. Typically between $50 - $200.

All articles must be a minimum of 1000 words.

We can often help with this.

Tell us about the post you want to write for Bodishift.

If you want to write for us regularly it's important for us that you can brag about your success and achievements.