The Top 20 Body Transformation Pictures From Around The Web

The Top 20 Body Transformation Pictures From Around The Web


Having the right inspiration is an important part of our fitness journey. We need to see that other people have done it, that even the largest and most lethargic of us have managed to pull themselves together and find something worth sweating for.

With that in mind, here are 20 of the most incredible body transformations from all over the web.

20. Andy Senatus Jean

body transformation Andy Senatus Jean

With the phrase “Impossible = I’m Possible,” Andy Senatus Jean transformed himself from an overweight over-eater into one of the biggest fitness gurus on Facebook. He credits the community for giving him the support he needed to change, so back to the community he gives today.

19. Eva Birsa

Eva Birsa - Body Tramsformation

Eight months into her weight loss journey, Eva Birsa still hasn’t achieved the perfection she’s looking for, but from these pics I think we can all agree that she’s well on her way to reaching her fitness goals!

18. Johnny Miller

18. Johnny Miller - Body Transformation

Technically, Johnny is only about ten pounds lighter than before. But that’s because he beefed up with an incredible amount of muscle that reduced his overall body fat from 18 to 6 percent. He actually grew so fond of his new physique that he became a professional bodybuilder!

17. Kelsey Byers

17. Kelsey Byers - Body Transformation

Once the belle of the ball, unhealthy eating in college led Kelsey to plus-sized jeans and a lot of misery. Eventually she realized that she could regain the body she’d lost if she just embraced exercise and clean eating. Now she’s a 5’10”, 135 pound goddess once more!

16. Francesca Sims

16. Francesca Sims - Body Transformation

At 25, Francesca realized what her size was doing to both her health and her social life. She decided to make her weight loss journey a communal effort, asking her friends to participate to twice-weekly volleyball games and long walks. The resulting figure was 113 pounds lighter!

15. Robyn Sutorowski

Inspired by an online fitness contest, Robyn completely re-invented herself in just 12 weeks. It took hard work and long hours at the gym, but she managed to quit smoking, drop three sizes and lose a total of 35 pounds. She reports feeling healthier, lighter and full of more energy.

14. Roland Varadi

14. Roland Varadi - Body Transformation

At 6’3″ and 324 pounds, Roland was deeply unhappy with his body and unable to perform many of the basic tasks we take for granted. Then he decided to shape up and take control of his life. He bought a universal gym machine, joined a boxing team and eventually slimmed down to 161 pounds, which was also the exact weight he lost. He literally lost a double of himself!

13. Briana Christine

13. Briana Christine - Body Transformation

The founder of Bikini Body Mommy, Briana Christine hasn’t let anything stop her from reaching her workout goals. She encourages us to do the same, to toughen up and drop the excuses. If she can do it, Briana says, anyone can.

12. Criss

12. Chriss - Body Transformation

Criss pulled herself out of the throes of an eating disorder to re-learn healthy eating and good fitness habits. Through a combination of education, nutrition and good old-fashioned push-ups, she lost 75 pounds and completely transformed herself!

11. Gregory Allen

11. Gregory Allen - Body Transformation

At 38 years old, Greg didn’t let his age stop him from losing weight. In fact, it was his primary motivation. “There are not too many people near 300 pounds in their 70s and 80s,” he told, so he put away the brownies and picked up the barbells and lost almost 100 pounds.

10. Nate Thibeault

10. Nate Thibeault - Body Transformation

Kids are cruel, which is one of the reasons 17-year-old Nate was a depressed and self-conscious high school student. At 6’0 and 135 pounds, he was too skinny, leaving him a target for bullies and ridicule. Once he graduated, however, Nate started hitting the gym and bulking up, and he’s now a 21-year-old and 190-pound heartthrob.

9. Ben Ryan

9. Ben Ryan - Body Transformation

Shredded is no longer just a word than Ben Ryan can use for his cheese! In just 15 weeks he went on an incredible fitness journey that we can now use as inspiration for our own. He’s living proof of what passion and endurance can do for any lifestyle change.

8. Laura Bunker

8. Laura Bunker - Body Transformation

Losing 68 pounds made a big difference for Laura, who was always a tall, big-boned girl. It left her true shape to emerge from under baggy jeans and sweatshirts, and it also gave her the courage to wear swimsuits without shame for the first time. She now embraces life each day with bravery and vibrancy.

7. Marcin Maly

7. Marcin Maly - Body Transformation

A hard-partying lifestyle left Marcin with too many pounds and terrible health: He liked to drink, sleep in and eat unhealthy junk food at all hours of the night. It wasn’t until he realized what he was doing to his body that he was inspired to make a change, and today, he’s less interested in trans fats and more interested in training.

6. Cyana Briles

6. Cyana Briles - Body Transformation

Another female Terminator inspired by an online contest, Cyana dropped 20 pounds, 4.25 inches and all of her previous guilt- and boredom-induced eating issues. Not only did she lose an impressive amount of body fat, but she also gained excellent muscle and tone as well as a confidence that she’ll carry for the rest of her life.

5. Amy Berkshire

5. Amy Berkshire - Body Transformation

Amy blames her son for her weight gain. In a loving way, of course. “Curbing my cravings for sweets is a challenge,” she told Shape Magazine, something that a child didn’t make any easier. She decided to use portion control and fat-free products to trim her waistline, and now she stands 100 pounds lighter and much more in control of her diet.

4. Eleonora Dobrinina

4. Eleonora Dobrinina - Body Transformation

No one tells Ella what to do! Born in Russia, spending her childhood in the cold wilderness of Canada, many people told Ella that she was simply predisposed to being a big girl. She rebelled, and today works as a personal trainer and WBFF Pro Fitness Model.

3. Noah Elias

3. Noah Elias - Body Transformation

Noah has never been a stranger to the gym, but in the beginning it was simply an excuse to fool around and flirt with girls. It took some serious soul-searching to commit himself to a real fitness plan, but now that he has, the ladies love him more than ever!

2. Sarah McGee

2. Sarah McGee - Body Transformation

A self-described “fat kid,” Sarah gained even more weight when she grew up and took a job at a calling center, which she described as a “fantastic breeding ground for paid laziness.” In 2012 she decided to kick bad habits to the curb, and the results are absolutely amazing! She looks like an entirely different person!

1. Drew Manning

1. Drew Manning - Body Transformation

A professional trainer, this lean, mean fitness machine deliberately gained and lost 70 pounds in order to better understand the struggles of his clients. Not only is his story an inspiring tale of empathy and determination, but it can serve as a lesson to all of us the next time we’re moaning that we “can’t do it” or that we were “born to be fat.” Drew Manning defied fate twice.

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