Need Gym Motivation? Try These 5 Things To Get You Fired Up

Need Gym Motivation? Try These 5 Things To Get You Fired Up


If you’re trying to get back in the habit of visiting the gym or this is your first attempt at a healthier lifestyle, you might wonder whether you can keep gym motivation¬†for more than a few weeks or months. Follow these tips to keep gym motivation for the long run so you can see real success.

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1. Find a Battle Buddy

If you can find someone to encourage you to eat right and exercise, it’ll be more easier and more fun to tone up, lose weight or build muscle. Not only can your buddy motivate you on those days when you just don’t feel like crawling out of bed, but her or she can keep you on track when you’re stressed or dealing with other factors that threaten to sabotage your healthy routine. Make sure you pick someone dependable and as motivated as you are, however.

2. Use Technology

Whether your iPod has a pedometer, you invest in a FitBit bracelet or your Nikes can track the steps you take, these devices are all capable of helping you stay motivated. Even newer Android phones will track the length you’ve walked every month and compare it to the previous month’s walking. Plus, many of these apps and devices are connected, allowing them to post to your social media profiles to show everyone how hard you’re working. At the end of the week or month, you can look back on your hard work and have real proof of it!

3. Keep It Fun

If you’re not a fan of running or you can’t think of anything more boring than repetitive weight-lifting, those exercises might not be what you should be doing. Instead, consider signing up for a yoga or modern dance class that stretches your muscles or gets your heart going. Classes can be more fun, aren’t as repetitive and you might even make a friend or two who can help keep you on track.

4. Establish a Routine

Working out first thing in the morning prevents you from slacking after a hard day at work or school. It’s also a great way to kick start your metabolism over the day. Even if you can’t visit the gym in the morning, pick a time to visit the gym everyday. Routine makes it easier for you to remain accountable, and it’s also smart for you to treat daily gym visits as a necessary part of your schedule rather than an option. The latter train of thought can quickly derail your attempts to become healthier.

5. Reward Yourself

If you’re like many people, visiting the gym is going to help you look better as well as feeling healthier. You can reward yourself for your hard work by investing in a stunning dress or a sleek suit that you’ll look great in once you tone up or drop a few pounds. Alternatively, consider saving up for a vacation or a once-a-week trip to Starbucks as a reward for all the time you’ve been spending at the gym.