10 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

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I workout everyday, eat a balanced diet, yet my weight remains the same, no weight up, no weight down. Why could this be? Why is it so difficult to lose weight? Am I doing something wrong?

Many of our subscribers have been writing in with these same questions, running low on motivation after upping their efforts and still seeing little-to-no results.

The reason this happens to so many women is really quite simple – and yet you’ve probably never thought of it before.

It’s worth taking time out for yourself just once a day to pay attention to yourself, update your food diary, how many calories you’ve consumed, what foods you chose, which exercises you used etc.

Lose weight reasons

Here are 10 possible reasons why you’re not losing weight…

1. You’re not getting enough sleep.

If you exercise regularly – well, you’ll know how important a good night’s sleep is. Lack of sleep not only takes away your ability to perform maximal exercise well, but also some studies have shown that losing sleep could affect your metabolism by making you feel hungry, even if you’re not (by increasing the appetite-stimulating hormone levels in the body).

Getting enough sleep is important if you’re trying to lose weight, it affects you mentally as much as physically. Sleep deprivation makes you feel depressed or angry and it decreases your energy levels the next day, which means your productivity of the day is equal to 0!

Advice: Try to get to bed at the same time each night, for about 8 hours. If you find it difficult to get to sleep quickly have a hot bath or listen to some relaxing music which can become a bedtime ritual every evening.

2. No breakfast

If you skip breakfast, thinking that this will cut down your calories per day, and finally lose weight, we have bad news – you’ll trigger your body to enter survival mode. Your body will then react by beginning to store fat because it thinks that you’re fasting.

Keep in mind that people who eat breakfast, lose more weight than those who miss breakfast. In addition, your breakfast will help propel your body into stimulating metabolic activity.

Advice: Don’t miss your breakfast!

3. You’re eating too much

If you’re really serious about losing weight, you need to get serious about your eating. Start by counting how many calories you eat, what foods you choose. Meal portion control is very important.

Advice: be smart. Instead of filling a large plate, take a smaller plate – it fits less food, but it’s still visually satisfying.

4. Stop doing the same exercises every day

Performing the same exercises every day doesn’t increase physical endurance. Over time, your body gets used to frequent exercises, and these exercises become less effective for your shape. If you change up your exercise routine, your body will be constantly challenged and will burn more calories, resulting in faster, more consistent weight loss.

Think of all the people who have been going to the gym 5, 6 and even 7 days a week for years. They have been on the same cardio machines, lifting the same free weights, and using the same nautilus equipment since day one. But they don’t see any changes in their body shape. – their muscles are no longer resounding to the stimuli because they’re not being challenged with new exercise routines.

Advice: Review your workouts and talk with the a professional about what you’ve been doing and for how many weeks. Discuss how you can change it to make it more stimulating for your muscles. Nowadays, leisure centres are full of activities. Find other activities you would be interested in like fitness classes, cardio classes, aerobic classes and others.

5. Following a strict diet

By following a strict diet you can actually end up putting more weight on. Wait.. What!?

When you’re hungry you’re more likely to reach for food you have that’s not good for you, so the weight will come back twice as fast. In the absence of nutrients, the body will start to accumulate calories. Here’s the result: no steps forward, and potentially a few steps back!

Advice: Eat a healthy and balanced diet often but in short periods. The secret is: Treat yourself to delicious food every once in a while as a reward.

6. Not drinking enough water

It’s no secret that a glass of water before a meal can help you feel fuller. Water fills the stomach and while eating you’ll quickly feel a sense of fullness. But did you know that cold water speeds up your metabolism and reduces cravings for soft drinks and juices? Water really is the little super hero of weight loss.

However, if you don’t like drinking water, you can flavour the water with a slice of lemon or orange so that it’s tastier and easier to drink.

Advice: How much do you weigh? For every 1kg of weight, you should drink 30ml water. So one glass before every meal would help you to lose weight and be healthy. Water will energise your body as well as cleanse it.

7. You’re too stressed

Stress and weight gain (or lack of weight loss) go together. Being under constant stress can increase production of the hormone cortisol which can cause an increase in appetite as well as stress causing a lack of sleep (a problem previously mentioned).

Advice: Take a few minutes a day to relax. If possible, treat yourself to a full body massage or go to a leisure centre for swimming. The water will relax you and will help reducing a feeling of stress. If you’re at work and can’t cut your hours down, try to stay calm and tell yourself that you’re strong enough to handle any situation. Practice being strong willed and controlling your emotions.

8. You’re addicted to sauces and dressings

Salads – one of the healthiest meals, but seasoned by a high-fat dressing or vinaigrette salad becomes a calorie bomb. And if you add in slices of ham or cheese – you can forget about weight loss.

Advice: there are plenty of recipes for healthy balanced salads available online. Try different ones every day. Make them interesting, easy and healthy.

9. Eating too much in the evening

During the evening, your stomach can feel fuller with the same amount of food you had during the day. So overeating in the evening can stop your metabolic system performing as it should. It’s also proven that you’ll have a much better sleep with an empty stomach.

Advice: Don’t stress yourself out if you’re hungry because we know already that it can increase your appetite. Simply eat smaller portions before 10pm and enjoy a fabulous night’s sleep.

10. Hiding under larger clothes

Free-falling clothes are really comfortable, but they don’t allow the true silhouette of your body to be show, which can sometimes fuel a lack of motivation to move forward.

Constantly seeing the changes in your body, will motivate you to eat healthier and exercise even more.

Advice: Be honest… are you hiding under larger clothes? If so, it’s time to renew your wardrobe.

If you see yourself in some of the points listed above then you’re in the right place. Make today the day you start making small changes. The secret is: be do have. Be happy. Do what’s required. Have the body of your dreams.

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